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Jan 29, 2020

Align Technology Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2019 Financial Results

Achieves 8 Millionth Invisalign Patient Milestone
  • 2019 revenues up 22.4% to a record $2.4 billion, clear aligner revenues a record $2 billion
  • 2019 diluted EPS of $5.53
  • 2019 Invisalign volume up 24.2% to a record of 1.5 million cases
  • 2019 iTero scanner and services revenues up 38.5% to a record $381.0 million
  • Q4 total revenues up 21.7% year-over-year to $649.8 million, and diluted EPS of $1.53
  • Q4 Invisalign volume up 23.9% year-over-year to 413.7 thousand cases
  • Q4 scanner and services revenues up 20.2% year-over-year to $106.2 million
  • Q4 operating income up 25.5% year-over-year to $151.2 million and operating margin of 23.3%

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Align Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALGN) today reported financial results for the fourth quarter (Q4’19) and year ended December 31, 2019 (2019). Q4’19 total revenues were $649.8 million, up 21.7% year-over-year. Q4’19 clear aligner revenues were $543.6 million, up 22.0% year-over-year and Q4’19 scanner and services revenues were $106.2 million, up 20.2% year-over-year. Q4’19 Invisalign volume was 413.7 thousand cases, up 23.9% year-over-year. For the Americas and International regions, Q4’19 Invisalign volume was up 19.3% and 30.1% year-over-year, respectively. Q4’19 Invisalign volume for teenage patients was 116 thousand cases, up 33.1% year-over-year. Q4’19 operating income of $151.2 million was up 25.5% year-over-year resulting in an operating margin of 23.3%. Q4’19 net income was $121.3 million, or $1.53 per diluted share.

For 2019, total revenues were a record $2.4 billion, up 22.4% year-over-year.  Record 2019 clear aligner revenues were $2.0 billion, up 19.8% year-over-year and Invisalign case shipments were 1.5 million, up 24.2% year-over-year. Record 2019 iTero scanner and services revenue were $381.0 million, up 38.5% year-over-year with record volume, up 29.7% year-over-year. 2019 Invisalign cases for teenage patients were 446.7 thousand, up 34.1% year-over-year.  2019 net profit was $442.8 million, or $5.53 per diluted share.

Commenting on Align’s Q4’19 and 2019 results, Align Technology President and CEO Joe Hogan said, “Our fourth quarter was a strong finish to a great year with record revenues and volumes. Q4’19 Invisalign shipments increased 23.9% year-over-year and marked another major milestone with our 8 millionth Invisalign patient who started treatment in December. Q4’19 iTero scanner and services revenues increased 20.2% year-over-year with strong growth especially from international doctors. For the full year, revenues of $2.4 billion reflect record revenues and volumes for both Invisalign clear aligners and iTero scanners. During the year, over 1.5 million people started treatment with Invisalign clear aligners, including 447 thousand teens and younger patients which increased 34.1%.”

GAAP Summary Financial Comparisons
Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2019

  Q4’19 Q3’19 Q4’18  Q/Q Change  Y/Y Change
Invisalign Case Shipments 1   413,725   385,360   333,800   7.4%   23.9%
Net Revenues $649.8M $607.3M $534.0M   7.0%   21.7%
Clear Aligner 2 $543.6M $516.3M $445.6M   5.3%   22.0%
Scanner & Services $106.2M $91.1M $88.4M   16.6%   20.2%
Net Profit $121.3M $102.5M $97.4M   18.3%   24.5%
Diluted EPS   $1.53   $1.28   $1.20   +$0.25   +$0.33

Fiscal 2019

        2019   2018  Y/Y Change
Invisalign Case Shipments 1       1,525,415   1,228,065   24.2%
Net Revenues     $2,406.8M $1,966.5M   22.4%
Clear Aligner 2     $2,025.8M $1,691.5M   19.8%
Scanner & Services     $381.0M $275.0M   38.5%
Net Profit 3     $442.8M $400.2M   10.6%
Diluted EPS3       $5.53   $4.92   +$0.61

Note: Changes and percentages are based on actual values and may affect totals due to rounding
1 Invisalign shipments do not include SmileDirectClub (“SDC“) aligners.
2 Clear aligner revenues include Invisalign clear aligners and SDC aligners.  The supply agreement with SDC terminated December 31, 2019 and was not renewed.  In 2019, the overwhelming majority of aligners declared by SDC were not manufactured by Align.
3 2019 results before tax include a $51.0 million gain from the settlement of the Straumann litigation ($45.7M net of tax or approximately $0.57 EPS benefit), impairments of $23.0 million ($17.2M net of tax or approximately $0.21 EPS impact) related to closing Invisalign Stores as a result of the arbitrator’s decision regarding SDC announced March 5, 2019, and other gains of $15.8M ($10.7M net of tax or approximately $0.13 EPS benefit) from the sale of our investment in SDC.

As of December 31, 2019, Align had $868.6 million in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities compared to $744.5 million as of December 31, 2018. In Q4’19, we repurchased approximately 389K shares of our common stock at an average price of $258.67 per share and have $100.0 million remaining available for repurchase under the May 2018 Repurchase Program.

Align 2019 Highlights:


  • Announced co-marketing relationships with the San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Hurricanes, Super Bowl winning New England Patriots, and the 2019 NBA Champions the Toronto Raptors, making the Invisalign brand the official smile partner for each of these winning teams.
  • Announced that it is a national sponsor for the premier healthy lifestyle brand Life Time as part of Align’s $120 million annual commitment to raise consumer awareness of doctor directed Invisalign clear aligner treatment for better smiles. 
  • Align awarded ten research grants totaling $250,000 as part of its ongoing annual research awards program to universities worldwide. 
  • Entered into a distribution agreement with Benco Dental, the largest privately-owned dental distributor in the U.S., for Align’s family of iTero Element intraoral scanners.
  • Entered into an agreement with Digital Smile Design (DSD), a leader in holistic, digital and emotional dentistry solutions, to incorporate DSD into Align’s end-to-end digital workflow, including iTero scanning technology.
  • Opened Align University Training Institute in Shanghai, China, Align’s second training facility in China. 


  • Announced a global distribution agreement for the award-winning iTero Element family of intraoral scanners with Zimmer Biomet Dental, a global dental industry leader and provider of implant and restorative solutions and continuing education for dental professionals.
  • Announced commercial availability of the iTero Element 2 scanner in China at the 2019 International Orthodontic Conference and the 18th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Orthodontic Society in Nanjing, China.
  • Launched the new iTero Element Foundation intraoral scanner with restorative software, extending Align’s portfolio of intraoral scanners with powerful 3D visualization to better meet the needs of doctors, labs and patients.
  • Launched the new iTero Element 5D Imaging System for comprehensive, preventative and restorative oral care.  The iTero Element 5D Imaging System provides a new comprehensive approach to clinical applications, workflows and user experience that expands the suite of existing high-precision, full-color imaging and fast scan times of the iTero Element portfolio.
  • Launched SmileView, an online tool designed to help prospective Invisalign patients visualize a new, straighter smile before they opt for Invisalign treatment.

Q1 2020 (Q1’20) Business Outlook
As a result of the corporate structure reorganization to relocate our European headquarters from the Netherlands to Switzerland in Q1’20, our Q1’20 GAAP tax rate will reflect a significant one-time tax benefit associated with the recognition of a deferred tax asset related to the intra-entity sale of certain intellectual property rights. This deferred tax benefit will be amortized starting in 2020 and continue into subsequent quarters and years. The period over which this tax benefit will be recognized depends on the profitability of our Swiss headquarters and therefore is uncertain at this time.  Management ordinarily assesses the health of our business without regard to these types of one-time events and believes this reorganization will make it difficult for investors to assess our core underlying financial performance were we to report solely based on GAAP. Therefore, we will supplement our GAAP information with non-GAAP measures going forward. Beginning in Q1’20, in addition to our GAAP results we will present non-GAAP measures that exclude the aforementioned tax impact, along with certain other items that may not be indicative of our fundamental operating performance including discrete cash and non-cash charges in order to present investors with greater transparency into our core business operations.  A reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP outlook is provided at the end of this release.

The following statements are forward-looking statements based on current expectations and assumptions, and involve risk and uncertainties, some of which are set forth below under “Forward-Looking Statements.”

Novel Coronavirus in China
As reported by news agencies worldwide, the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei Province in China, is a serious situation.  China is one of our largest country markets and represents roughly 8% of our total revenues. The situation in China is very fluid and we are closely monitoring it. We are in contact with various relevant agencies globally. Thus far, the Chinese government has implemented travel bans and has essentially shutdown public transportation in Wuhan.  It has also issued public warnings to avoid all non-essential medical and dental procedures for the time-being.

While we do not believe there are any concerns regarding the safety of our products due to the stringent health and safety procedures of our manufacturing processes, we are taking additional precautions across China to minimize the risk of spreading illness to our internal teams, including additional protections and health screening procedures as well as travel bans/restrictions.

Given this increased uncertainty and disruption to our employees, customers/doctors’ practices, their patients and consumers, we believe it is prudent to reduce our outlook for Q1’20. Therefore, for Q1’20, our outlook reflects approximately 20,000 to 25,000 fewer Invisalign case shipments and approximately $30.0 million to $35.0 million less revenues for Invisalign and iTero products sold in China. In addition, we are also absorbing $3.0 million to $4.0 million in idle China plant capacity costs which we expect will result in approximately a 0.5% gross margin impact.

Commenting on Align’s first quarter outlook, Hogan continued, “As we kick off 2020, we are very concerned for the safety and health of our employees, customers/doctors and their patients in China.  Their wellbeing is our top priority and we are doing everything we can to ensure that they are in good hands. We are working with our local team to donate medical supplies and provide funding to help combat the outbreak. While we are mindful of the increased uncertainty in China and its impact on our first quarter outlook, it’s important to take a step back and remember that our business is broad and deep. We have strong growth in other regions, and are seeing strong momentum in the Americas, across EMEA and in all other countries in APAC especially Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Korea.”

For Q1’20, Align provides the following guidance:

  • Net revenues in the range of $615.0 million to $630.0 million, up approximately 12% to 15% over the same period a year ago, which reflects $30.0 million to $35.0 million less revenues for Invisalign and iTero products sold in China.
  • Invisalign case shipments in the range of 396 thousand to 406 thousand, up approximately 13% to 16% over the same period a year ago, which reflects approximately 20,000 to 25,000 fewer Invisalign case shipments from China.
  • GAAP operating margin in the range of 15.4% to 16.5%.
      • Non-GAAP operating margin in the range of 19.5% to 20.5%.
  • GAAP effective tax rate in the range of (1,440%) to (1,302%)
      • Non-GAAP effective tax rate in the range of 22% to 23%.
  • GAAP diluted EPS in the range of $18.65 to $18.74.
      • Non-GAAP diluted EPS in the range of $1.19 to $1.28.

Align Web Cast and Conference Call
Align will host a conference call today, January 29, 2020 at 4:30 p.m. ET, 1:30 p.m. PT, to review its fourth quarter and fiscal 2019 results, discuss future operating trends and the business outlook. The conference call will also be web cast live via the Internet.  To access the webcast, go to the “Events & Presentations” section under Company Information on Align’s Investor Relations web site at  To access the conference call, please dial 201-689-8261. An archived audio web cast will be available beginning approximately one hour after the call's conclusion and will remain available for approximately one month. Additionally, a telephonic replay of the call can be accessed by dialing 877-660-6853 with conference number 13697560 followed by #. For international callers, please dial 201-612-7415 and use the same conference number referenced above. The telephonic replay will be available through 5:30 p.m. ET on February 12, 2020.

About Non-GAAP Financial Measures
To supplement our condensed consolidated financial statements, which are prepared and presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States (“GAAP”), we intend to provide investors with certain non-GAAP financial measures beginning in Q1’20 including, non-GAAP gross profit, gross margin, operating expenses, income from operations, operating margin, effective tax rate, net income and diluted EPS, which exclude certain items that may not be indicative of our fundamental operating performance including discrete cash and non-cash charges or gains that are included in the most directly comparable GAAP measure. Non-GAAP measures will exclude the effects of stock-based compensation, non-cash deferred tax assets and associated amortization related to intra-entity transfer of non-inventory assets, impairments and other (gains) charges, and litigation settlement gains, and, if applicable, any associated tax impacts.

We use non-GAAP financial measures for financial and operational decision-making and as a means to evaluate period-to-period comparisons. Our management believes that these non-GAAP financial measures provide meaningful supplemental information regarding our recurring core operating performance. We believe that both management and investors benefit from referring to these non-GAAP financial measures in assessing our performance and when planning, forecasting and analyzing future periods. These non-GAAP financial measures also facilitate management's internal evaluation of period-to-period comparisons. We believe these non-GAAP financial measures are useful to investors both because (1) they allow for greater transparency with respect to key metrics used by management in its financial and operational decision-making and (2) they will be provided to and used by our institutional investors and the analyst community to help them analyze the performance of our business.

There are limitations to using non-GAAP financial measures, though, because they are not prepared in accordance with GAAP and may be different from non-GAAP financial measures used by other companies. The non-GAAP financial measures are limited in value because they exclude certain items that may have a material impact upon our reported financial results. In addition, they are subject to inherent limitations as they reflect the exercise of judgments by management about which charges are excluded from the non-GAAP financial measures. We compensate for these limitations by analyzing current and future results on a GAAP as well as a non-GAAP basis and also by providing GAAP measures in our public disclosures. The presentation of non-GAAP financial information is meant to be considered in addition to, not as a substitute for or in isolation from, the directly comparable financial measures prepared in accordance with GAAP. We urge investors to review the reconciliation of our GAAP financial measures to the comparable Non-GAAP financial measures included in this presentation, and not to rely on any single financial measure to evaluate our business. For more information on these non-GAAP financial measures, please see the tables captioned "Q1’20 Reconciliation of GAAP to Non-GAAP" and "Business Outlook Summary" included at the end of this release.

About Align Technology, Inc.
Align Technology designs and manufactures the Invisalign® system, the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, and iTero® intraoral scanners and services. Align’s products help dental professionals achieve the clinical results they expect and deliver effective, cutting-edge dental options to their patients. Visit for more information.

For additional information about the Invisalign system or to find an Invisalign doctor in your area, please visit For additional information about iTero digital scanning system, please visit

Forward-Looking Statements
This news release, including the tables below, contains forward-looking statements, including quotations from management, statements in the paragraphs under Q1 2020 (Q1’20) Business Outlook and Novel Coronavirus in China regarding certain business metrics on either or both a GAAP or non-GAAP basis for the first quarter of 2020, including, but not limited to, anticipated net revenues, operating margin, tax rates, benefits and amortization, case shipments, and expected declines in Invisalign case shipments, Invisalign and iTero revenues, idle operations and gross margins from the effects of the novel coronavirus in China as well as the strength of our business, its growth and momentum in regions outside China. Forward-looking statements contained in this news release and the tables below relating to expectations about future events or results are based upon information available to Align as of the date hereof. Readers are cautioned that these forward-looking statements are only predictions and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. As a result, actual results may differ materially and adversely from those expressed in any forward-looking statement.

Factors that might cause such a difference include, but are not limited to, difficulties predicting customer and consumer purchasing behavior, adverse impacts to our operations in China stemming from measures we may take to ensure the health and safety of our employees, consumers, contractors, suppliers and their families from viral outbreaks in China on top of governmental efforts to minimize the spread of illness, a tougher consumer demand environment in China generally, especially for manufacturers and service providers whose headquarters or primarily operations are not based in China, expectations regarding the continued growth of our international markets, increasing competition from existing and new competitors, rapidly evolving and groundbreaking advances that are fundamentally changing the dental industry and the way new and existing participants market and provide products and services to consumers, the ability to protect our intellectual property rights, continued compliance with regulatory requirements, our expectations regarding sales growth of our intra-oral scanner sales in international markets, our belief that technology features and functionality of the iTero scanners will increase adoption of Invisalign and increase sales of our intra-oral scanners, our expectations regarding the financial and strategic benefits of establishing regional order acquisition, treatment planning and manufacturing facilities, the willingness and ability of our customers to maintain and/or increase product utilization in sufficient numbers, the possibility that the development and release of new products or enhancements to existing products do not proceed in accordance with the anticipated timeline or may themselves contain bugs or errors requiring remediation, the possibility that the market for the sale of these new or enhanced products may not develop as expected, or that the expected benefits of new or existing business relationships will not be achieved as anticipated, our expectations concerning additional costs related to the corporate structure reorganization, including the relocation of our European headquarters from the Netherlands to Switzerland, the risks relating to our ability to sustain or increase profitability or revenue growth in future periods while controlling expenses, the expected impact additional sales representatives will have on our sales, growth related risks, including excess or constrained capacity at our manufacturing and treat operations facilities and pressure on our internal systems and personnel, the compromise of customer and/or patient data for any reason, and system integration and implementation issues, continued customer demand for our existing and new products, changes in consumer spending habits as a result of, among other things, prevailing economic conditions, levels of employment, salaries and wages and consumer confidence, the timing of case submissions from our doctors within a quarter as well as an increased manufacturing costs per case, acceptance of our products by consumers and dental professionals, foreign operational, political and other risks relating to our international manufacturing operations, our ability to develop and successfully introduce new products and product enhancements and the loss of key personnel.

The foregoing and other risks are detailed from time to time in our periodic reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to, our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2018, which was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on February 28, 2019 and our latest Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2019, which was filed with the SEC on October 31, 2019. We undertake no obligation to revise or update publicly any forward-looking statements for any reason.

Align Technology Zeno Group
Madelyn Homick Sarah Johnson
(408) 470-1180 (828) 551-4201


(in thousands, except per share data)   
    Three Months Ended
December 31,
  Year Ended
December 31,
      2019     2018       2019       2018    
Net revenues   $ 649,787   $ 534,020     $ 2,406,796     $ 1,966,492    
Cost of net revenues     177,829     150,924       662,899       518,625    
Gross profit     471,958     383,096       1,743,897       1,447,867    
Operating expenses:                  
Selling, general and administrative     279,481     226,819       1,072,053       852,404    
Research and development     41,327     35,804       157,361       128,899    
Impairments and other (gains) charges     -     -       22,990       -    
Litigation settlement gain     -     -       (51,000 )     -    
Total operating expenses     320,808     262,623       1,201,404       981,303    
Income from operations     151,150     120,473       542,493       466,564    
Interest income     2,906     2,249       12,482       8,576    
Other income (expense), net     1,741     (730 )     7,676       (8,489 )  
Net income before provision for income taxes and equity in losses of investee     155,797     121,992       562,651       466,651    
Provision for income taxes     34,535     22,517       112,347       57,723    
Equity in losses of investee, net of tax     -     2,083       7,528       8,693    
Net income   $ 121,262   $ 97,392     $ 442,776     $ 400,235    
Net income per share:                  
Basic   $ 1.54   $ 1.22     $ 5.57     $ 5.00    
Diluted   $ 1.53   $ 1.20     $ 5.53     $ 4.92    
Shares used in computing net income per share:                  
Basic     78,578     79,891       79,424       80,064    
Diluted     79,137     80,943       80,100       81,357    


(in thousands)          
    December 31,
  December 31,
Current assets:          
Cash and cash equivalents   $ 550,425   $ 636,899  
Marketable securities, short-term     318,202     98,460  
Accounts receivable, net     550,291     439,009  
Inventories     112,051     55,641  
Prepaid expenses and other current assets     102,450     72,470  
Total current assets     1,633,419     1,302,479  
Marketable securities, long-term     -     9,112  
Property, plant and equipment, net     631,730     521,329  
Operating lease right-of-use assets, net     56,244     -  
Equity method investments     -     45,913  
Goodwill and intangible assets, net     75,692     81,949  
Deferred tax assets     64,007     64,689  
Other assets     39,610     26,987  
Total assets   $ 2,500,702   $ 2,052,458  
Current liabilities:          
Accounts payable   $ 87,250   $ 64,256  
Accrued liabilities     319,958     234,679  
Deferred revenues     563,762     393,138  
Total current liabilities     970,970     692,073  
Income tax payable     102,794     78,008  
Operating lease liabilities     43,463     -  
Other long-term liabilities     37,306     29,486  
Total liabilities     1,154,533     799,567  
Total stockholders' equity     1,346,169     1,252,891  
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity   $ 2,500,702   $ 2,052,458  


(in thousands)        
    Year Ended
December 31,
      2019       2018  
Net cash provided by operating activities   $ 747,270     $ 554,681  
Net cash provided by (used in) investing activities     (350,444 )     6,927  
Net cash used in financing activities     (485,540 )     (369,434 )
Effect of foreign exchange rate changes on cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash     2,282       (4,733 )
Net increase in cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash     (86,432 )     187,441  
Cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash at beginning of the period     637,566       450,125  
Cash, cash equivalents, and restricted cash at end of the period   $ 551,134     $ 637,566  


      Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   Fiscal   Q1   Q2   Q3   Q4   Fiscal  
        2018       2018       2018       2018       2018       2019       2019       2019       2019       2019    
Invisalign Average Selling Price (ASP):                                          
  Worldwide ASP   $ 1,310     $ 1,315     $ 1,230     $ 1,235     $ 1,270     $ 1,245     $ 1,230     $ 1,260     $ 1,240     $ 1,245    
  International ASP   $ 1,435     $ 1,425     $ 1,340     $ 1,295     $ 1,370     $ 1,330     $ 1,305     $ 1,330     $ 1,300     $ 1,315    
Invisalign Cases Shipped by Geography:                                          
  Americas     166,665       181,425       190,615       189,410       728,115       202,935       211,360       215,355       225,925       855,575    
  International     105,570       121,260       128,730       144,390       499,950       146,260       165,785       170,005       187,790       669,840    
  Total Cases Shipped     272,235       302,685       319,345       333,800       1,228,065       349,195       377,145       385,360       413,715       1,525,415    
  YoY % growth     30.8 %     30.5 %     35.3 %     30.9 %     31.9 %     28.3 %     24.6 %     20.7 %     23.9 %     24.2 %  
  QoQ % growth     6.7 %     11.2 %     5.5 %     4.5 %         4.6 %     8.0 %     2.2 %     7.4 %      
Number of Invisalign Doctors Cases Were Shipped To:                                          
  Americas     27,105       28,280       28,890       29,215       42,000       30,200       31,445       31,975       33,130       47,130    
  International     19,700       21,805       23,270       25,475       36,040       26,510       28,970       30,980       33,720       48,650    
  Total Doctors Cases Shipped To     46,805       50,085       52,160       54,690       78,040       56,710       60,415       62,955       66,850       95,780    
Invisalign Doctor Utilization Rates**:                                          
  North America     6.3       6.6       6.9       6.7       18.2       7.0       7.0       7.0       7.2       19.4    
  North American Orthodontists     15.3       16.4       17.4       16.5       56.7       18.3       18.9       19.1       19.3       65.0    
  North American GP Dentists     3.4       3.6       3.5       3.6       9.1       3.6       3.6       3.5       3.8       9.5    
  International     5.4       5.6       5.5       5.7       13.9       5.5       5.7       5.5       5.6       13.8    
  Total Utilization Rates     5.8       6.0       6.1       6.1       15.7       6.2       6.2       6.1       6.2       15.9    
Number of Invisalign Doctors Trained:                                          
  Americas     1,630       1,880       2,085       2,290       7,885       1,840       3,070       2,760       2,095       9,765    
  International     2,645       3,300       2,845       2,980       11,770       2,410       3,520       3,135       3,445       12,510    
  Total Doctors Trained Worldwide     4,275       5,180       4,930       5,270       19,655       4,250       6,590       5,895       5,540       22,275    
  Total to Date Worldwide     136,575       141,755       146,685       151,955       151,955       156,205       162,795       168,690       174,230       174,230    
* Invisalign business metrics exclude SmileDirectClub aligners.   
** # of cases shipped / # of doctors to whom cases were shipped. LATAM utilization rate is not separately disclosed, but included in the total utilization rates.  
(in thousands)   
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       2018     2018     2018     2018     2018     2019     2019     2019     2019     2019   
Stock-based Compensation (SBC)                                          
  SBC included in Gross Profit   $ 881     $ 900     $ 966     $ 948     $ 3,695     $ 1,112     $ 1,278     $ 1,354     $ 1,410     $ 5,154    
  SBC included in Operating Expenses     14,949       15,990       18,232       17,897       67,068       19,932       21,189       22,822       19,087       83,030    
  Total SBC   $ 15,830     $ 16,890     $ 19,198     $ 18,845     $ 70,763     $ 21,044     $ 22,467     $ 24,176     $ 20,497     $ 88,184    


The outlook figures provided below and elsewhere in this press release are approximate in nature since Align’s business outlook is difficult to predict. Align’s future performance involves numerous risks and uncertainties and the Company’s results could differ materially from the outlook provided. Some of the factors that could affect Align’s future financial performance and business outlook are set forth under “Forward Looking Statements” above in this press release. Please refer below for GAAP to Non-GAAP Reconciliation.
Q1 2020 Financial Outlook        
(in millions, except per share amounts and percentages)    
    GAAP   Non-GAAP
Net Revenues   $615 - $630    
Gross Margin   71.5% - 72.0%   71.7% - 72.2%
Operating Expenses   $345 - $350   $321 - $326
Operating Margin   15.4% - 16.5%   19.5% - 20.5%
Net Income per Diluted Share   $18.65 - $18.74   $1.19 - $1.28
Effective Tax Rate   approx (1,440%) - (1,302%)   approx 22% - 23%
Business Metrics:        
Case Shipments   396K - 406K    
Capital Expenditures   $95M - $100M    
Depreciation & Amortization   $23M - $25M    
Diluted Shares Outstanding(1)   79.1M    
Stock Based Compensation   approx $25M    
(1) Excludes any stock repurchases during the quarter    


  Q1'20 Reconciliation of GAAP to Non-GAAP      
  in millions, except per share amounts and percentages   Q1'20 Guidance  
  GAAP Gross Margin   71.5% - 72.0%  
  Stock Based Compensation   0.2%  
  Non-GAAP Gross Margin   71.7% - 72.2%  
  GAAP Operating Expenses   $345 - $350  
  Stock Based Compensation   ($24)  
  Non-GAAP Operating Expenses   $321 - $326  
  GAAP Operating Margin   15.4% - 16.5%  
  Stock Based Compensation   4.0%  
  Non-GAAP Operating Margin   19.5% - 20.5%  
  GAAP Effective Tax Rate*   (1,440%) - (1,302%)  
  Stock Based Compensation   6.1%  
  Tax Impact of Non-GAAP Items*   1,461% - 1,325%  
  Non-GAAP Effective Tax Rate   22% - 23%  
  GAAP Diluted EPS   $18.65 - $18.74  
  Stock Based Compensation   $0.24  
  Tax Impact of Non-GAAP Items   ($17.70)  
  Non-GAAP Diluted EPS   $1.19 - $1.28  
  *Tax rate reflects a significant one-time tax benefit associated with the recognition of a deferred tax asset related to the intra-entity sale of certain intellectual property rights. This deferred tax benefit will be amortized starting in 2020 and continue into subsequent quarters and years.  




Source: Align Technology, Inc.


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