The Align Advantage

Align is the leader in clear aligners and is driving the evolution in digital dentistry. The strengths we have developed along the way are the ones that will help us extend our leadership position in the years to come.

  • Innovative and proprietary technology, an unmatched, data-driven solution, and the brand consumers know and love. MORE>

  • Exceptional accuracy, industry-best connectivity, and a flexible open system for better practice workflow and overall dentistry. MORE>

Invisalign Innovation

From single tooth movement to solutions for the most common types of malocclusion.

Unmatched Experience

Innovation at Align is driven by deep knowledge and know-how. Over the last 17 years we’ve manufactured more than 2.6 million Invisalign cases, each comprised of hundreds of thousands of unique tooth measurements, captured digitally. As a result, we have a remarkable wealth of information about individual tooth movements and all types of malocclusions, and about what moves teeth predictably and what doesn’t. When we combine the treatment data with the know-how we have obtained from treating over 2.6 million patients, we have an unmatched repository of dental and orthodontic data and practical experience. This information is a tremendous resource that gives rise to new insights, new treatment planning ideas, feature sets, software protocols, and more. No other single individual or company can harness digital treatment data on this scale, or has this experience to draw from — it aids and accelerates our technology innovation and is one of our greatest company resources.

  • 2013 Business Highlights
  • 4.5K iTero Scanners *Active Invisalign doctors
Intellectual Property

Our innovative technology and deep industry knowledge helped us become a market leader, and we have built an extensive portfolio of intellectual property that extends well beyond our initial breakthrough. At the end of 2013 we had more than 550 patents issued worldwide, covering areas of computerized technology, business methods, manufacturing processes, aligner treatment, intraoral scanner technology, and more. In addition to filing new patent applications, each year we expand our storehouse of intellectual property by adding new layers of know-how from each new innovation and each new patient we treat.

Extensive Intellectual Property and Patents

Our extensive portfolio of IP and patents covers a broad range of technology and business processes.

Continuous Innovation Drives Align's Patent Portfolio

With each new innovation, we strengthen our portfolio of intellectual property.

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Represents U.S. filing activity. 2011+ data includes iTero/Cadent.

The Invisalign Brand

Invisalign is the only orthodontic brand that patients know and ask for by name, and that provides us with an important competitive advantage. Sustained investment in building awareness and preference for Invisalign supports our goals of share growth, category growth, and market expansion around the world. The Invisalign brand provides unique value to our customers by enabling a great connection between their practices and consumers. Across all of our consumer marketing programs and platforms, the ultimate call to action is to drive informed, enthusiastic prospective patients to experienced Invisalign providers for the best treatment experience possible. In turn, their demand encourages doctors to make Invisalign a bigger part of their practices.

Growth in Digitally Submitted Invisalign Cases

iTero digital scans are steadily replacing physical impressions used to begin Invisalign treatment.

Represents the number of iTero digital scans submitted for Invisalign treatment in North America.