Invisalign Itero
The Invisalign system and iTero Intraoral scanning system and OrthoCAD® digital services are available to general practitioner dentists (GP dentists), orthodontists, and other dental specialists. Align Technology provides training, clinical education programs, and the tools needed for orthodontists or GP dentists to adopt its innovative technology and offer the treatment options in their practices.

Stockholder Communications to the Board


Direct Communications. Stockholders may communicate directly with the non-management directors of Align by sending an email to Our General Counsel monitors these communications and ensures that appropriate summaries of all received messages are provided to the Board of Directors at its regularly scheduled meetings. In addition, the Chairman of the Nominating and Governance Committee has access to this email address and may monitor communications at his option. Where the nature of a communication warrants, our General Counsel may decide to obtain the more immediate attention of the appropriate committee of the Board of Directors or a non-management director, or Align's management or independent advisors, as our General Counsel considers appropriate. After reviewing stockholder messages, our Board of Directors will determine whether any response is necessary or warranted.

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